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martes, septiembre 18, 2007

Blogosfera: "propuesta de mail-bombing contra un majadero"

Y es que los de Wordpress han suspendido el blog "Toasted Bread" de Lady Vorzheva.

Freelance propone lo siguiente:

Propongo inundar el correo electrónico del Majadero, por gracia Andy Parks, Pictures@universalnewsandsport.com, con un mensaje de este tipo:


I write to you, as a blogger and blog reader, to show my surprise and annoyance after reading the mail you’ve sent to another blogger, http://toastedbread.wordpress.com, demanding her to remove from her blog a picture apparently taken from your web page in her interest to show a fast and reliable information to her readers, even when the blogger credited the source following the best blogging practices, and threatening her with the taking of legal remedies.

I have to say that your attitude is harmful and ridiculous, and has probably turned out into illegal consequences itself. You should be in the know about the worldwide blogging habit of picking up graphic or written materials from the rest of web pages without commercial purposes, as an expresion of freedom of speech protected by international laws. By no means could this be considered as a copyright or intellectual property rights infringement.

However, as a result of your complaint, the blogger has suffered the closing down of her blog, which could cause damages in her public image and could as well result into psychological harm. Those are consequences of your acts which could be legally prosecuted, as even you could understand.

Hence, in the name of the blogging principles, I demand to you to repair the situation by sending an email to the hosting company Wordpress.com, apologizing for the damages you’ve caused by mistake, asking them to set the blogger’s blog up again; and by publishing your apologies in your web page.

Emilio Alonso. Spanish blogger.

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